Mar 10 2023

Kacific named “Satellite Company of the Year 2023 – Singapore” at Business Excellence Awards

Flagship Gigstarter delivers affordable, accessible internet to businesses and households throughout Asia-Pacific.

Singapore, February 23, 2023 – Singapore-based satellite company, Kacific Broadband Satellites Group (Kacific), has been named “Satellite Company of the Year 2023 – Singapore” at the Business Excellence Awards. This prestigious award recognises Kacific’s innovative approach to providing high-speed, reliable, and affordable satellite internet connectivity across the Asia Pacific region, and the impact of its game-changing retail franchise model Gigstarter.

Since its founding in 2013, Kacific has aimed to bring affordable, high-speed internet to regions that fibre and traditional satellite operators were not serving in. Kacific’s innovative Gigstarter service has a major role in delivering on this vision. Gigstarter is a pre-packaged broadband plan offered on a monthly payment model and sold plan by plan, site by site to end-users through Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This pioneering retail service means that Internet Service Providers are now able to sell satellite broadband without heavy investments into infrastructure or wholesale contracts, which is suitable for enterprises, entrepreneurs and residential

As a result, Gigstarter paves the way for many smaller distributors to enter the market and cater to hard-to-reach and isolated areas, mountainous regions and islands alike. With Gigstarter, these businesses can now connect to the internet at speeds of up to 100Mbps, even in the most challenging and inaccessible locations. This retail model has rapidly reached rural customers and has seen success in the Asia Pacific.

Gigstarter is not only affordable but also accessible and flexible, and it enables responsive local service and support. The Kacific1 high throughput satellite reuses spectrum, making it more efficient and hence lower cost per Mbps. The per GB cost is less than 2% of GNI per capita, well below the affordability targets set by ITU and UNESCO. With Ka-band technology, Gigstarter allows for higher throughput at a lower cost and is compatible with simple, affordable terminal kits. Installation is fast and easy thanks to small antennas and local warehousing and distribution. Kacific Authorised Distributors (KADs) also provide on-ground 24/7 support for their end-users with a solid understanding of the local market, ensuring fast and responsive customer support.

“This award recognises the difference Kacific’s service has made to communities and businesses across the region, improving health care, education, economic development and resilience,” says Kacific CEO, Christian Patouraux. “It’s a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, who have been working tirelessly, often under difficult conditions, to provide reliable and affordable satellite internet connectivity.”

“Gigstarter has revolutionised the way businesses operate in remote locations. They no longer have to get by with slow and unreliable internet connectivity and now can enjoy fast, reliable and affordable broadband connectivity, no matter where they are.”

Kacific is proud to be recognised for its innovative approach to satellite broadband and looks forward to continuing to make a difference in the lives of people in Asia and the Pacific.

About Kacific 

Founded in 2013, Kacific Broadband Satellites Group is a next-generation satellite operator providing access to affordable, reliable, high-speed broadband services across Asia and the Pacific. Kacific uses advanced Ka-band space and ground communications technologies to provide innovative services to governments, businesses, and communities. Today Kacific connects over 2,000 educational and healthcare facilities. Its services foster greater internet usage, fuel economic growth, and improve the delivery of critical services.

Its first satellite, Kacific1, connects underserved areas in 25 countries in Asia Pacific, home to over 600 million people. Its second satellite, Kacific2, is in development and will address Tbps in unmet demand and 1 billion people, extending Kacific’s coverage across nine new markets in South, Central and West Asia.

The award-winning company is headquartered in Singapore and employs over 70 staff globally. For more information visit or follow on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube.

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