Nov 16 2022

Most Innovative Broadband Satellite Operator – Singapore 2022

Kacific’s innovation efforts recognised at the Global Business Outlook Awards 2022

Singapore, 16 November 2022 – Kacific’s innovation efforts continue to be acknowledged on a global stage as it took home the title of the “Most Innovative Broadband Satellite Operator” at the Global Business Outlook Awards. These awards honour excellence in business through creativity, innovation, and drive to create value.

Bridging the digital divide, Kacific’s Gigstarter and Community Wi-Fi initiatives have allowed the company to reach remote communities across Asia and the Pacific, driving economic growth and improving delivery of critical services. The COVID-19 pandemic presented significant challenges for traditional wholesale models designed to extend affordable, reliable internet connectivity to those who need it the most. Kacific developed these initiatives as cost-effective, innovative alternative solutions to address the urgent need for internet access in underserved communities.

Gigstarter offers customers a flexible, prepaid, pre-packaged broadband plan. Customers can purchase broadband month-to-month, site-by-site, through light, easy-to-install Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT). By franchising Gigstarter to smaller distributors, Kacific Authorised Distributors (KADs), Kacific supports them to penetrate hard-to-reach villages and remote regions.

Understanding local languages and insights, KADs can easily identify and meet the unique needs of each community. With terminals and equipment stored in 27 regional warehouses, deployment is time and cost-efficient. Gigstarter effectively puts purchasing power which used to belong to a few service providers into the hands of thousands of end-users. This establishes a local presence for Kacific and enhances economic opportunities in distant areas. Today, this successful retail model accounts for 50 percent of Kacific sites and 22 percent of its revenues.

Kacific’s Community Wi-Fi service gives people in rural areas access to high quality, low-cost satellite broadband internet through the purchase of Wi-Fi vouchers, with 1GB of data priced at less than 2 USD a month. Using a small 1.2m VSAT satellite dish, a router and a shared Wi-Fi access point, internet access is made available to those with or without electricity. The set-up supplies crucial connectivity to remote communities, medical centres, community halls, and schools.

When online communications became critical for remote learning and healthcare services during the pandemic, Community Wi-Fi services for 260 medical facilities, schools, and community halls were deployed across the Philippines, Tonga, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, and Timor in a matter of months. Installation has only expanded since, keeping people in isolated areas connected.

Kacific is also one of the largest service providers for BAKTI government agency in Indonesia. In a record five-month timeframe, the project deployed over 2,500 sites across the country to connect villages, healthcare centres and government facilities. Director of Infrastructure for Kacific’s BAKTI project, Bambang Noegroho said: “With this satellite connectivity project, we take a significant step forward to our goal of the equal distribution of information and communication technology, to strengthen national unity, fuel economic growth and strengthen national resilience for disasters and emergencies.”

He acknowledged the significant impact Kacific’s work as already “benefiting hundreds of thousands of Indonesians” and suggested there were only more benefits to come.

Looking ahead, Kacific will continue to improve its services and technologies. Kacific’s business growth is proven with Kacific1 delivering significant revenue growth through a diversified, balanced business model. Kacific1 is expected to be fully utilised by 2024, and Kacific has plans to launch its second satellite Kacific2 in the next 3 years to increase capacity and enter new markets.

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About Kacific
Founded in 2013, Kacific Broadband Satellites Group is a next-generation satellite operator supplying access to affordable, reliable, high-speed broadband services across Asia and the Pacific. Kacific uses advanced Ka-band space and ground communications technologies to supply innovative services to governments, businesses, and communities. Today Kacific connects over 2,000 educational and healthcare facilities. Its services foster greater internet usage, fuel economic growth and improve delivery of critical services.

Its first satellite, Kacific1, connects underserved areas in 25 countries in Asia Pacific, home to over 600 million people. Its second satellite, Kacific2, is in development and will address 1TB in unmet demand and 1 billion people, extending Kacific’s coverage across nine new markets in South, Central and West Asia.

The award-winning company is headquartered in Singapore and employs over 70 staff globally. For more information visit or follow on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube.