Jan 28 2024

NOW Corporation and Kacific Pave the Way for Digital Inclusion and a Cyber-Secure Future in the Philippines

The partnership between Kacific and NOW Corporation aims to address the urgent need for last-mile connectivity for enterprises throughout the Philippines. (In Photo, L-R: NOW Corporation President & CEO Henry Abes and Kacific Broadband Satellites Inc. Sales Director Ferdinand Simbulan)

In an era where the Philippine government makes digital transformation a national priority, the collaboration between NOW Corporation (PSE: NOW) and Singapore-based satellite operator Kacific takes the center stage. The collaboration introduces Kacific’s Gigstarter and Enterprise Backup services, marking a crucial step forward in NOW Corporation’s mission to empower businesses for robust growth in the digital era.

Empowering businesses through last-mile connectivity

Kacific stands out as a compliant provider aligning with US regulations, particularly those outlined in the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act. This positioning makes Kacific an ideal partner for sensitive and critical industries in the Philippines. As the leading Ka-band satellite operator in the region, Kacific is a pioneer in satellite technology, providing universal coverage for 25 countries across Asia-Pacific through its high-throughput satellite Kacific1. Leveraging Ka-band technology, Kacific1’s antennas concentrate spot beams for frequency reuse, resulting in high-power beams. The internet service achieves a remarkable 99.5% to 99.9% availability, demonstrating a high level of reliability. This means that it is operational and accessible, showcasing a robust and dependable satellite system.

Utilizing dedicated diversity teleports, Kacific also enables a site diversity arrangement to optimize uplink availability, ensuring enhanced efficiency and reliability. This feature ensures a seamless and dependable satellite communication experience, even in rough weather conditions.

Advanced satellite technology is the backbone of tailored high-speed internet connectivity services. It provides a practical solution to connect hard-to-reach areas, promote digital inclusion, and foster economic development within a cyber-secure environment.

Among these services, Kacific’s flagship offering, Gigstarter, empowers NOW Corporation to enhance its competencies and expand its customer base. A preconfigured turnkey solution crafted to empower internet service providers, this service provides high-speed internet connectivity for businesses in remote and underserved areas.

Gigstarter delivers impressive speeds of up to 120 Mbps (100Mbps downlink and 20Mbps uplink), making it a game-changer for enterprises. The service comes with Kacific’s terminals, available for a one-time fee ranging from P34,000 to P54,000 based on the plan’s size. This offering unlocks opportunities for essential applications like remote work, video conferencing, and improved online customer support. It also supports critical functions such as cloud-based data storage and backup, along with the utilization of e-commerce platforms. These elements are crucial for the success of large-scale and rapidly growing organizations.

To further improve cybersecurity measures, medium to large businesses can now request a static IP address, improving security and network capabilities through VPNs. This feature also introduces various advantages, including simplified location identification and faster file uploads and downloads on file servers.

NOW Corp’s commitment to supporting its clients’ transition to an upgraded, future-proof business model also benefits from Enterprise Backup, an affordable, reliable, on-demand hot backup solution. In this era, future-proofing your business translates to increased investment in disaster response and recovery efforts.

Kacific Enterprise Internet Backup helps businesses bolster their resilience by providing a secondary high-speed internet connection through a compact satellite dish. This business-savvy, cost-effective, on-demand hot-backup package empowers organizations, factories, and enterprise branches to efficiently recover. In situations where primary internet access is compromised, Kacific Enterprise Backup enables uninterrupted workflow and regular business activities. The strategic inclusion of Kacific Enterprise Backup further reinforces NOW Corporation’s commitment to a future-proof and resilient business environment.

NOW Corporation’s initiatives for cybersecurity enhancement

NOW Corporation’s vision extends to strengthening its presence across 16 critical infrastructure sectors in the Philippines. In line with that, NOW Corporation has actively transitioned towards cybersecurity, aligning with the Philippines’ imperative to improve its digital infrastructure. The company recently introduced a comprehensive cybersecurity “check-up” service, which aims to support critical industries amid escalating cyber threats.

Henry Andrew Abes, NOW Corp.’s President and CEO, says that the program plays a key role in protecting sensitive data integral to finance, healthcare, government services and utility providers. As part of its broader cybersecurity efforts, NOW Corporation also introduces “TODAY” (Technologies on Demand Assist You) to manage the “Respond and Replace” program. Additionally, the group has developed a “Cyber Threat Assessment” to identify and address vulnerabilities in private and public sector organizations.

Christian Patouraux, CEO of Kacific, says that the collaboration is a natural fit. “Faced with an increase in cyber-attacks, businesses have had to double down on their operational technology security for critical infrastructure. This is where Kacific and NOW Corporation can step in to provide support, leveraging Kacific’s expertise in satellite-based connectivity solutions. Kacific looks to collaborate further with NOW Corporation to execute the vision to revolutionize digital connectivity and resilience across critical sectors.”

Apart from provisioning static IPs, Kacific goes the extra mile to shape a resilient and secure digital environment for businesses. With its Global 24/7 Network Operations Center, it offers direct access to Kacific’s experienced network engineers for excellent customer support, continuous monitoring and rapid response to potential cyber threats.

“Partnering with Kacific allows us to expand our portfolio of services and provide reliable last-mile connectivity as well as cybersecurity “check-up” service. High-speed satellite services open up opportunities for businesses. They empower organizations to access information, connect with the world and realize their full potential. Our partnership also proves that all of this can be achieved while ensuring the adoption of robust security measures and protecting valuable data,” says Henry Andrew Abes.

NOW Corporation and Kacific’s joint commitment to promoting a secure digital future for the Philippines establishes a robust foundation for a cyber-secure and digitally empowered nation. In a world where cybersecurity and connectivity intertwine, NOW Corporation and Kacific are shaping a future where the Philippines not only survives but thrives in the digital era.


About Kacific

Founded in 2013, Kacific Broadband Satellites Group is a next-generation satellite operator providing access to affordable, reliable, high-speed broadband services across Asia and the Pacific. Kacific uses advanced Ka-band space and ground communications technologies to provide innovative services to governments, businesses, and communities. Today, as the largest Ka-band satellite operator in Asia-Pacific, Kacific fosters greater internet usage, fuels economic growth, supports disaster management and control, and improves the delivery of other critical services. To reach customers in the most remote areas, Kacific has actively recruited and trained a network of distributors and installers, providing support on the ground and creating local job opportunities.

Kacific1, which was launched back in 2019, connects underserved areas in 25 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Kacific2, is currently in development, equipped with advanced beam management technology and software-defined satellite (SDS) capabilities, making it fully reconfigurable with flexible beam allocation and high spectral efficiency. This new satellite will significantly extend Kacific’s coverage, addressing new markets comprising up to 1 billion people and meeting the demand for terabits per second (Tbps) of connectivity.

Kacific is the award-winning company, recognised with many awards, including Universal Broadband Award (Euroconsult’s Excellence in Space-based Connectivity Awards, 2023), Gold Stevie® Award for Achievement in Product Innovation with CommsBox (Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards, 2023), Connecting the Unconnected (Global Telecoms Awards 2022), Outstanding Satellite Company (PCT Awards, 2022 and 2024), and Outstanding Innovation Award (PTC Awards, 2024).

Kacific is headquartered in Singapore and employs over 80 staff globally. For more information visit www.kacific.com or follow on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube.

About NOW Corporation

NOW is a group of companies with businesses in telecom, media, and technology. NOW Corporation is a publicly listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange and is engaged in providing broadband internet connectivity to enterprises and to residential buildings. It is also engaged in providing IT managed services and software solutions as a service. Its associate, NOW Telecom, is an enfranchised privately held wireless and mobile telephony system (MTS) operator. NOW Telecom is likewise a grantee of a Provisional Authority (PA) to install, operate, and maintain a nationwide mobile telecommunications system not specific to 3G mobile communications technology such as 4G, 5G, or even outer space by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).

In November 2022, the U.S. Government, thru a Fact Sheet released by the White House, has recognized NOW Telecom as its partner to deploy a 5G mobile network and nationwide backbone network in the Philippines.