Kacific: A Unique Business Model that Combines Commercial Success with Meeting Sustainable Development Goals

by Virgil Labrador, Editor-in-Chief This article was first published on Satellite Markets. Since the first commercial satellites were launched nearly sixty years …

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Kacific and Farmer Charlie team up to grow agricultural output and support sustainable development across Pacific

MoU addresses sustainable agriculture, climate change, land management, and risk mitigation for drought and floods for small farmers in remote communities [Singapore], …

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Catalysing Tuvalu’s ICT ambitions

By Dionisia Tabureguci, Islands Business Magazine This article was first published on Islands Business Magazine. A five-year agreement signed last year between …

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Satellite internet crucial to community healthcare in Papua New Guinea

PNG Sustainable Development Program (SDP) and Kacific team up to provide life-changing outcomes to remote Papua New Guinea communities. In response to …

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Tuvalu Telecommunications Corporation Partners with Kacific to Deliver Internet Nationwide with Maximum Flexibility

Kacific’s flexible satellite broadband services are providing Tuvalu with a platform for digital transformation across Government, schools, businesses and communities.   Flexible …

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Christian Patouraux shares how Kacific is changing lives of rural communities with Priority Magazine

We are honoured to be featured in the latest edition of Singapore Airline’s in-flight magazine Priority Magazine! In the article, Kacific CEO …

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Kacific has won INSEAD Alumni Association ‘Business as a Force for Good Award – 2021’

By Nathalie DE SPIEGELEIRE After several rounds of consideration, we are pleased to announce that we will confer the Business as a …

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Ka-band’s faster, cheaper internet for rural Nepal

Following the recommendation of the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) to the government on opening the Ka-band frequency segment (19.7-21.2 Ghz Downlink, paired …

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Get a headstart on your personal goals for 2021

Pursue an education with Murdoch University at Kaplan, which offers specialised programmes and flexibility for everyone ” Mr Appoose Jose, a Bachelor …

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Satellite connectivity boosting justice system in Papua New Guinea: NZ Law Society

The National and Supreme Courts of Papua New Guinea hope new internet connectivity will improve access to justice and empower people interacting …

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Kacific wins IJGlobal Award – 2019 Asia Pacific Telecoms deal of the year

Kacific has won the Project Finance and Infrastructure Magazine’s ‘IJGlobal 2019 Asia Pacific Telecoms deal of the year’ in recognition of the …

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ITU and Kacific join forces to boost emergency telecoms and ICT development in Vanuatu

International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and Kacific have joined forces to boost the capacity of Vanuatu to provide a reliable communications network when …

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Christian Patouraux named Satellite Executive of the Year – APSCC

Kacific’s Founder and CEO Christian Patouraux has been named Satellite Executive of the Year by the Asia-Pacific Satellite Communications Council (APSCC). Christian …

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Kacific1 Milestone: Boeing has shipped Kacific1

The Boeing Satellite Systems International (Boeing) Factory in California has shipped the Kacific1 satellite. It’s now enroute to SpaceX’s launch operations site …

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Chicago Booth Magazine Spotlights Cyril Annarella’s Success In Aerospace Feature

“I’m finally involved in a project where you can measure the impact that you’re having every day. That’s what gets you up …

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Kacific to Fly Vanuatu Student to Visit Space Factories

We are looking forward to flying Mariah Nasak, a ni-Vanuatu university student to Los Angeles, California to visit the Boeing Satellite and …

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Christian Shares Personal Journey With Salamander Magazine

“When next-generation broadband satellite operator Kacific launches its first satellite later this year, INSEAD’s “Force for Good” logo will be emblazoned on …

Jun 05 2019 | Read More

Interview with Philippines Airlines’ Mabuhay Magazine

Flying in or out of Manila this month? You’ll spot the article on Christian Patouraux in the official magazine for Philippines Airlines; …

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Kacific CEO Talks with Telecom Times

CEO and founder, Christian Patouraux, sat down with Richard Van Der Draay, editor of Telecom Times, to give insight into the exciting …

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Kacific1 Milestones: Testing Begins

Near the end of 2018, Boeing began the Kacific1 HTS payload integration and test phase. Following this, the communications electronics, including the …

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Kacific Lays Out Service Plans to Support Launch of Kacific1. Outlines Plans for Kacific2

Kacific CEO Christian Patouraux discusses the company’s expansion plans with Space News Caleb Henry in the lead up to the launch of Kacific1. He also outlined Kacific’s plans for a standalone Kacific2 satellite “potentially a very large type of asset.

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Senior Government Ministers and Public Servants Mark Milestone in Satellite Construction at Boeing Factory

Senior members of the Vanuatu Government, trade and tourism offices recently visited the Boeing satellite factory to mark the construction milestone of Kacific-1, a next-generation satellite which will stream high-speed low-cost broadband to Vanuatu from next year.

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Kacific Announced as Recipient of the 2018 Better Satellite World Award from Space & Satellite Professionals International

Space & Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) recently announced that Kacific will receive a 2018 Better Satellite World Award.

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Kacific Listed by Techcrunch Amongst Most-Funded New Private Satellite Companies Worldwide

“The advances made in miniaturizing technologies that put a computer in your pocket — cameras, batteries, processors, radio antennas — have also made it easier and cheaper for entrepreneurs to launch matter into space. And investors are taking notice.” Jason Rowley

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High Throughput, Low Cost – The Future Of Satellites In Asia Pacific

When a High Throughput Satellite sits above them, what customers need is a channel to unlock its potential.

At the upcoming Australasia Satellite Forum, a dominant discourse will be the future of satellite broadband for the Pacific and South East Asia region.

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Kacific heads to New Zealand: ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’

When an island nation stretches over 1,600kms in length along mountainous terrain, it is near impossible to connect every rural and remote …

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Kacific-1 Passes Critical Design Review – Moves Into Production Phase

The team at Boeing Satellite Systems International proudly announced that the Boeing 702 satellite platform – carrying our Kacific-1 payload – passed …

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Via Satellite: “Kacific Capacity More Than 70 Percent Presold on First Satellite”

Via Satellite reports that Kacific has pre-sold enough capacity on its first planned satellite, Kacific 1, to progress without the support of the …

Oct 18 2016 | Read More

“Beyond the Blue Continent” in SatMagazine

The SatMagazine June 2016 issue carries a joint article from Cyril Annarella, Executive Director, Kacific, and Kerstin Roost, Public Relations Director, Newtec. …

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Kacific selects AV-Comm teleport for first satellite broadband service in the Pacific

Kacific to utilise Av-Comm’s teleport to commence affordable internet services to consumers, public institutions and enterprise clients throughout the Pacific SYDNEY, May …

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SatelliteFinance reports on UK private investor stake in Kacific

SatelliteFinance magazine reported on the recent investment in Kacific by a UK private investor. “Pacific-focused broadband startup Kacific is set to receive US$20m …

Apr 18 2016 | Read More

UK Private Investor Takes US$20 Million Stake in Kacific

Additional US$2.3 million will be raised from Australian tech investors SINGAPORE 5 April 2016 — Kacific Broadband Satellites has agreed terms on funding …

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Kacific features in a Satellite Finance story

Satellite Finance spoke with Christian Patouraux about Kacific’s plans to introduce a bridging service to its target market from 2016. “Kacific has secured …

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Kacific the ‘budget airline’ of the internet in rural Indonesia

Following the announcement of the agreement between Kacific and BigNet to provide a satellite broadband service to Indonesia, Tech in Asia‘s Jakarta …

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